About Amrita Virtual Academy

  • What is Amrita Virtual Academy?

    The Amrita Virtual Academy is an initiative to take the unique talent, know-how and wisdom that exists around Amma, and make it available to a broader audience, via online platforms.

  • How is it different from other online platforms?

    Amrita Virtual Academy produces exclusive, original content on topics you won’t find in mainstream online courses—spirituality, ancient wisdom, ecology, devotional music and arts, health, wellness and healing for the body, mind, and soul. What makes AVA different is that all the content is inspired by Amma, her teachings and the example of her life of selfless service. Thus, the content is based on Amma’s core values of service to the needy, world peace through inner peace, and living in harmony with Mother Nature. All of the instructors are volunteers and the proceeds go towards Amma’s charitable activities worldwide.

  • Who is Amrita Virtual Academy for?

    AVA is for anyone interested in growing as a human being through learning, who feels the need to acquire practical skills to support Amma’s activities in their region, or who appreciates a group learning environment. It is especially valuable to those who cherish Amma’s core teachings and seek to practice them in their daily life.

About Amma

“Remain a beginner, like a child endowed with tremendous humility, patience and faith. Such should be our attitude towards the experiences life brings to us. Then we will keep on learning. For the mind to grow and become as big as the universe, we should first become a child.” -Amma

Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)

Our Inspiration

  • Who is Amma?

    Spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary Mata Amritanandamayi (known to millions simply as ‘Amma’), is a servant of the world community. Through her inspiring life of love, inner strength and self-sacrifice, Mata Amritanandamayi has inspired people all over the planet to strive to make more and more space in the hearts for others and to dedicate free time to social service.

  • What is Amma's reach?

    At the invitation of admirers from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe and elsewhere, Amma travels throughout the world, guiding people to emotional fulfillment as well as offering insights and solutions to global issues such as environmental pollution, mistreatment of women, and religious disharmony.

  • How can I learn more?

    To learn more about Amma and her charitable networks, please visit:


Learn. Grow. Evolve.

Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life. Join us on your journey to learn something new. No experience necessary. Beginners are encouraged!

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Amrita Virtual Academy is part of a worldwide network of humanitarian, educational and spiritual organizations, all inspired by Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma).