A Workshop on Wellness and Nature!

Open to all levels of experience.

Complete in a few hours over the weekend or after work.

Get Inspired for a Healthy Lifestyle

From the global Amma family

  • "Satsang: Nature's Boon - The Gift of Essential Oils" with Swamini Amritajyoti Prana, France Centre Amma

    Swamini Amritajyoti Prana loves Nature and essential oils. Learn her favorite essential oil tips and tricks. Develop love and awe for Nature as she speaks of the healing boon of essential oils, Nature's gift to us.

  • "Blending Essential Oils and Making Misting Sprays" with Tejasvini, Amritapuri Ecology Center

    Bring Nature into your home and daily routine with essential oils and misting sprays. Learn about the art of blending essential oils using high, medium and low notes and creative uses for misting sprays at home.

  • "Stay Healthy! Acupressure for Digestion and the Immune System" with Purna, Certified Acupuncturist

    Energy pathways known as meridians flow through the body, governing our various organs, emotions, and overall health. Learn about this ancient science and some practical, important tips to keep your digestion healthy and immune system boosted.

  • "Pray and Eat" with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya, MA Center Eastern North America

    Start off right by studying Sanskrit chanting of the bhojan mantra (traditional food prayer). Learn the significance of this sacred Sanskrit prayer, and conveniently weave Sanskrit studies into your daily life.

  • "Healthy Kitcheri and Energy Balls" with Madhusmita and Vandita, MA Center Chicago

    Learn how to make delicious kitcheri, a cleansing staple of the healthy, Ayurvedic diet. Includes instructions for a 3-day at home cleanse! Delight your taste buds with healthy, protein packed energy balls.

  • "Satsang: Pray & Eat - Eating as a Spiritual Practice" with Bri. Amrita Chaitanya, Amritapuri

    Approach eating as a spiritual practice with insights from Amma's teachings. Includes practical stories and experiences with Amma. Concludes with a presentation on the basics of a sattvic (healthy and conscious) diet.

What's in the Workshop?

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  • 1

    Welcome to Natural Living!

    • Invocation Prayer to Amma

    • Welcome Letter

    • Important Information and Support Emails

  • 2

    Essential Oils & Misting Sprays with the Amritapuri Ecological Center

    • Eco-Gift Making with Tejasvini

    • Intro to Misting Sprays & Essential Oils

    • Time to Blend and Make Misting Sprays!

    • Satsang: Nature's Boon - The Gift of Essential Oils with Swamini Amritajyoti Prana

    • Essential Oils and Misting Sprays Handout

  • 3

    Acupressure with Purna: Stay Healthy!

    • What is Acupressure?

    • Immunity and Happy Stomach Points: Demonstration

    • How Do Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Health?

    • Acupressure Points Handout

  • 4

    Pray & Eat: The Significance and Meaning of the Food Prayer with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

    • The Significance and Meaning of the Food Prayer, with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

    • Food Prayer Handout

  • 5

    Healthy Recipes with MA Center Chicago

    • Let's Make Kitchari! with Madhusmitha

    • Kitchari Recipe

    • Easy Three-Day Kitchari Cleanse

    • Vegan Bliss Balls with Vandita

    • Bliss Balls Recipe

  • 6

    Pray & Eat: Eating as a Spiritual Practice with Bri. Amrita Chaitanya

    • Eating as a Spiritual Practice, with Bri. Amrita Chaitanya

    • Sattvic Diet

  • 7

    Closing Remarks

    • Closing Survey

    • Before You Go...

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

“We can make our future brighter by lending an ear to Nature’s voice of wisdom.”

- Amma

Discover the boon of Nature.

Bring health and wellness into all aspects of your life.