In the course of these four weeks, an abundance of meaningful and delightful workshops will be available to you. Choose any or all of the offerings in the four core areas: Giving and Serving, Joyful Celebrations, Unity and Harmony, and Self-Reflection.

Amma says “Always remember that your true family is the family of humankind.” Grab your backstage pass and go behind the scenes and experience the heart and soul of an engaging and meaningful holiday season. 

We invite you to read through the detailed schedule below:


Important Dates & Info

After December 13, you may still enroll and enjoy access for 6 months.

  • Welcome & Orientation: December 10

    When you pre-order a course, you secure your spot and the course icon appears in your student dashboard on the AVA platform. On December 10th welcome materials and orientation content will become available.

  • Week 1 Content: December 12

    On December 12, you will have access to all the content for Week 1. The content is available for six months, so you can go at your own pace and choose to do what you like.

  • First Live Session: December 13

    The first live session: the Joy of Sharing spotlights inspiring seva projects with a special message from Swami Shantamritananda Puri. It will take place on December 13 and feature speakers from various service projects.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Getting Started

    • Introduce Yourself

    • Join the AVA Mosaic

    • Contemplation

  • 4

    Live Session Links

    • Replay of "Joy of Sharing" Live Session with a Special Message from Swami Shantamritananda Puri (December 13, 2020)

    • Replay of "Birth of a Mahatma" Live Session with Swami Purnamritananda Puri (Dec 19, 2020)

    • Replay of "Special Live Event: Christmas Day Puja" with Swami Dayamritananda Puri (Dec 25, 2020)

    • Replay of "Satsang with Swami Shubamritananda Puri" Live Session (Dec 27, 2020)

    • Replay of "New Year, Fresh Start" with Swami Atmananda Puri (Jan 3, 2021)

  • 5

    Support and Logistics

    • Contact

    • Guide to Zoom

    • How to Set Your Camera for Zoom

    • Keep Your Browsers up to Date

    • Accessing Course from a Smart Device

  • 6

    Community Discussion Board and Private Facebook Group

    • Community Discussion Board

    • Private Facebook Group

  • 7

    Week 1: Giving and Serving

    • Week 1 Overview

  • 8

    Live Session 1: Joy of Sharing with a Special Message from Swami Shantamritananda Puri (Dec 13, 10 PM IST)

    • About This Session

    • Replay of "Joy of Sharing" Live Session (December 13, 2020)

    • Ethical Fashion

    • Bread Seva Handout

    • Mother's Kitchen Handout

    • Source Reduction Handout

    • Circle of Love Handout

    • Community Engagement

    • Ethical Fashion Video

  • 9

    Grow and Serve: An Introduction with Green Friends Australia and Amritaculture

    • Seeds of the Heart

  • 10

    Pray & Eat (Learn Bhojan Mantras) with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

    • Bhojan Mantra - Chanting with Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

    • Food Prayer Handout

  • 11

    Holiday Treat Making: Indian Snacks with European Tour Chefs

    • How to Make Chai

    • Chai Recipe

    • Interview with Lavan, Europe Tour Kitchen Chef

    • How to make Punjabi Samosas

    • Punjabi Samosa Recipe

    • Europe Tour's Famous White and Red Sauces!

    • Red Coconut Sauce Recipe (Red Sauce)

    • Mint Yogurt Sauce (White Sauce)

    • Europe Tour's Famous Onion Bhaji!

    • Onion Bhaji Recipe

    • Interview with Sneha, Amma Europe

  • 12

    Eco-Gift Making with the Amritapuri Ecological Center

    • Why Make Eco-Gifts?

    • Intro to Misting Sprays with Tejasvini

    • Blending Essential Oils and Making Misting Sprays

    • Essential Oils with Swamini Amritajyoti Prana

    • Essential Oils and Misting Sprays Handout

    • Introduction to Upcycling with Meenamba

    • How to Make Plastic Angels

    • Instructions for Making Plastic Angels

    • "A Divine Presence" with Meenamba

    • Eco-Holiday Tips

  • 13

    Hanukkah Dance: the Jewish "Festival of Lights"

    • Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights - with Jani

    • Hanukkah Dance - an Amritapuri Production (2019)

    • Hanukkah: Question and Answer with Jani

    • Hanukkah Prayer from Dance

  • 14

    Week 2: Joyful Celebrations

    • Week 2 Overview

  • 15

    Live Session 2: "Birth of a Mahatma" Satsang with Swami Purnamritananda Puri (Dec 19, 9AM IST)

    • About This Session

    • Recording of "Birth of a Mahatma"

  • 16

    Grow & Serve: Planting a Community Garden

    • A Community Comes Together

  • 17

    Sacred Singing: Learn "Dona Nobis Pacem" with Tanmayi

    • Introduction to Sacred Singing

    • Dona Nobis Pacem - with Tanmayi

    • Higher (Soprano) Melody for Dona Nobis Pacem - Bonus!

    • Lower (Alto) Melody for Dona Nobis Pacem - Bonus!

    • Bonus! Dona Nobis Pacem Audio Track

    • Lead Sheet Music - Dona Nobis Pacem

    • Guitar Sheet Music - Dona Nobis Pacem

  • 18

    Holiday Treat Making: Amritapuri Christmas Cake

    • Amritapuri Christmas Cake Recipe

    • How to Make the Famous Amritapuri Chirstmas Cake!

    • How to Make the Chocolate Frosting!

    • Chocolate Frosting Recipe

    • Vegan Chocolate Glaze Recipe

    • Interview with Apoorva long term Ashram Baker!

  • 19

    Amritapuri Christmas Play: Walking Beside Us

    • Walking Beside Us: An Original Amritapuri Musical (2017)

    • Behind the Scenes of "Walking Beside Us"

    • "Looking for Signs" - Cast and Crew Commentary

  • 20

    Special Live Christmas Day program with Swami Dayamritananda Puri and MA Center San Ramon (Dec 25, 12:00 PM PST)

    • Replay of "Special Live Event: Christmas Day Puja" with Swami Dayamritananda Puri

  • 21

    Week 3: Unity and Harmony

    • Week 3 Overview

  • 22

    Live Session 3: Satsang with Swami Shubamritananda Puri (Dec 27, 10:30 PM IST)

    • Recording of "Satsang with Swami Shubamritananda Puri"

  • 23

    Garland of Gratitude

    • About the Garland of Gratitude Series

    • "Calling out to God" with Swamini Ambikamrita Prana

    • "She is Always With Us" with Bri. Sandramrita Chaitanya

    • "Pulled up to the Light" with Professor Menon

    • "Everything was Love" with Nirmala

    • "I Really Want to Know You" with Amritamsu

    • Joining the Garland

  • 24

    Grow & Serve: Planting and Growing for Mother’s Kitchen

    • Hands in the Soil - How We Built a Community Garden

  • 25

    Sacred Dance: Bharatanatyam with Nadasri

    • Bharatanatyam Dance: Introduction

    • The Namaskaram

    • Invoking Lord Ganesha: demonstration

    • Step by step instructions

    • Did you know?

    • Bharatanatyam: closing remarks

    • Song for the dance

  • 26

    Devotional Art: Rangoli with Bri. Lakshmiprabha

    • What is Rangoli?

    • Introduction to Rangoli with Bri. Lakshmiprabha

    • Prepare for Rangoli Making - Reference Image

    • How to Make a Rangoli of Lord Ganesha

    • Rangoli Materials & Instructions Handout

  • 27

    Health and Wellness: Acupressure with Purna

    • What is Acupressure?

    • Immunity and Happy Stomach Points: Demonstration

    • Acupressure: Closing Remarks

    • Acupressure Points Handout

  • 28

    Holiday Treat Making: Sweet Prasad with MA Center Chicago

    • Traditional Naipayasam (Kerala Payasam) with Lakshmi Aunty, MA Center Chicago

    • Kerala Payasam Recipe

    • North Indian Kheer Prasad with Madhusmita, MA Center Chicago

    • Kheer Recipe

    • Post Your Payasam

  • 29

    New Year Traditions of Le Centre Amma – Ferme du Plessis (Paris, France)

    • New Year traditions in the French ashram

    • "New Year and a New Life" with Mitra and Jyothirup

  • 30

    Week 4: Reflective New Year

    • Week 4 Overview

  • 31

    Closing Survey

    • Closing Survey

  • 32

    Live Session 4: "New Year, Fresh Start" with Swami Atmananda Puri (Jan 3, 11:00 AM IST)

    • Replay of "New Year, Fresh Start"

  • 33

    Grow & Serve: Serving in Mother’s Kitchen

    • Harvest of the Heart - Feeding Amma's Children

  • 34

    Myofascial Stretching with Nirmala

    • Introduction to Myofascial Stretching

    • About the Global Stretch

    • Safety and Medical Disclaimer

    • Global Stretch Handout

    • The Global Stretch

  • 35

    Pray & Eat: Approaching Food as a Spiritual Practice with Bri. Amrita Chaitanya

    • "Eating as a Spiritual Practice" with Bri. Amrita Chaitanya

    • Sattvic Diet

  • 36

    Health and Wellness: Healthy Recipes from MA Center Chicago

    • Let's Make Kitchari! with Madhusmitha, MA Center Chicago

    • Kitchari Recipe

    • Easy Three-Day Kitchari Cleanse

    • Vegan Bliss Balls with Vandita, MA Center Chicago

    • Bliss Balls Recipe

  • 37

    "Walk of Love" with Amma Europe

    • Each Journey Begins with a Single Step

  • 38

    New Year Reflection

    • Implementing Amma's Teachings into the New Year

    • 7 Steps for a Joyful Life - Amma's 2020 Birthday Message

    • New Year Reflection and Goal Setting

    • Amma's Joyful Life Prayer

    • Closing Prayers for World Peace

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