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    Have specific interests or questions? Gain access to an exclusive online community of like-minded sustainable gardeners in our interactive Community Forum. Submit topics or questions and connect with the Amritaculture Gardening Community all year long. The Grow as We Go panel will share their combined gardening experience of over 170 years!

"Even if we only have a tiny plot of land,

we should try to grow a few vegetables, using organic fertilizers. Spending some time with our plants, we should talk to them and kiss them. This relationship will give us a new vitality.”
– Amma

Grow as We Go Workshop Series

Eight workshops with a panel of experienced gardeners

Workshop Instructors
Intro - 5 Tips to Get Started


Spring Seeding 

Sarvaga & Panel   


Amritaculture Panel

Garden Maintenance  

Amritaculture Panel


Seetala & Panel

Relationship with Plants

Victoria & Panel

Harvesting & Storage

Seetala & Panel

Garden Wrap-Up

Anupama & Panel

Workshop Format

  • Welcoming prayer and remarks 
  • Introduction of the main presenter and panel of experienced gardeners  
  • 20-minute detailed presentation on the topic of the month
  • 45-minute Q&A and discussion on the topic or seasonal issues that come up in the garden for participants. A panel of 3 Grow as We Go Instructors guide each workshop to field questions and give answers from a wide array of experience, education, and climates during the Q&A.  
  • Harvest Spotlight: best practices for harvesting the vegetables that are ready to eat this month
  • Prayers for world peace

Resource Materials

Resource materials based on the monthly topic are provided to compliment the workshops. We recommend reviewing the recorded materials prior to viewing the workshop session.

Send in Your Questions

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Thank you for being part of the Amritaculture World Community! 

Meet Your Instructors

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Amritapuri, India

Aum Namah Shivaya,

Gardening and serving Mother Nature has been part of my life since I was a child. Nearly 20 years ago Amma gave me the opportunity to coordinate the GreenFriends program during the International tours. Soon after this, she gave me a large packet of seeds and asked me to start one of the first Amritapuri gardens—it has been a growing and learning experience ever since! One of the many aspects of gardening that has intrigued and inspired me is the importance of SEEDS and Seed saving. I’m excited to share some of what I have learned from Amma and Mother Nature with all of you!


Amritapuri, India

I’m so excited to garden with all of you!

My hope with this workshop is to create a network of gardeners for our mutual benefit. I firmly believe that gardening is one of the best things we can do for the planet at this time. Regenerative agriculture not only helps vegetables grow but the practices also help heal the environment in general. Additionally, when we garden we reawaken our loving relationship with nature and feel more alive and well balanced! I have been gardening in this way for over 25 years in several different climates and will be offering step-by-step instruction in practical and fun gardening techniques.


Boston, Massachusetts

I have a BS in Ornamental Horticulture, but annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies and tropicals are my specialty. I’ve done a lot of indoor and outdoor growing both in the ground and in pots. I had my own greenhouses for twelve years in Connecticut, selling spring annuals, perennials, veggies and herbs—all grown without any herbicides or pesticides.

Taking Amma’s plea for us to grow veggies to heart, every year I try to do better at growing and using edible plants.

Growing flowers is part of my life—I enjoy having something blooming year round. I also continue to try to be a better steward each year in the garden, trying to tune in, listen to and work with all the subtle aspects of Nature that are trying to harmonize with us.


Port Townsend, Washington

Aum Namah Shivaya,

I am a home gardener outside of Port Townsend, Washington near the Salish Sea. My grandfather introduced me to gardening when I was a child. I met Amma 30 years ago. She and my family are the inspiration for my gardening efforts. The garden is an outdoor temple for me. I see Amma everywhere—in the bees, the borage, the sun through the cedars—even in slugs and rats. And the garden is my offering to Nature, the physical embodiment of Amma. It is one big practice field for me. My current learning is on building good dirt for cheap.


California, USA

I have always l found great peace and joy in nature. Amma has inspired me to see God in all forms of nature, to garden with more love and awareness as a selfless service to the world and the Divine, and to develop a personal relationship with plants and all forms of life in the garden. My focus in the garden is to be present and listen to the plants for guidance, and to work with loving kindness and respect for all aspects of life in the garden.

I started gardening when I was 6 years old, and eventually began a small business gardening for neighbors. In college I joined the UCSC farm and garden project and studied Biointensive Dynamic Gardening techniques. As students we lived in teepees and worked 8 hours a day in the organic gardens on campus with hand tools and marketed the produce at a farm stand.

Currently I continue to work in my garden with my husband, growing seasonal vegetables, fruit on trees and vines, and drought tolerant plants and collecting seeds.

What you will need:

A place to grow vegetables, water source, shovel, bucket, and a pair of scissors.

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